Net Sales

Net Sales

Digia’s consolidated net sales for the financial year were EUR 107.9 (97.4) million, showing an increase of 10.7 per cent on the same period a year earlier.

Net sales from the domestic segment increased by 5.1 per cent to EUR 80.9 (77.0) million, while the Qt segment recorded an increase of 32.0 per cent to EUR 26.9 (20.4) million.

The increase in the Group's net sales could be largely attributed to the Qt segment's strong growth. This growth in the Qt segment stemmed from good sales combined with major contracts in automotive products and DTV receivers in particular. Favourable trends in net sales were also supported by the US dollar strengthening against the euro. The impact of exchange rate fluctuations on Qt’s net sales growth amounted to a total of EUR 1.3 million during the year.

During the year, the product business accounted for EUR 46.6 million (1–12/2014: EUR 39.7 million), or 43.2 (40.7) per cent of consolidated net sales.

International operations accounted for EUR 28.2 million (1–12/2014: EUR 20.2 million), or 26.1 (20.7) per cent of consolidated net sales.