Recruitment and Job Rotation

Many Opportunities for Experienced Professionals and Young Talents

Competition for skilled employees is tough in the IT sector. Digia needs to recruit application developers skilled in various technologies and industries on an ongoing basis, both to junior and senior level positions.

Recruiting supervisors bring more efficiency to the process

In 2015, recruiting supervisor teams were established in the various business areas to enhance the recruitment process. Improvements were made in the recruitment process and the teams were able to put together project teams with a skill set better suited to business needs. The teams have enhanced cooperation between recruiting supervisors and made it easier to train supervisors to adopt new tools and operating models.

New professionals recruited to support growth

Digia plans to recruit new specialists to support its growth. Given the significant recruitment need, the recruitment system has been revamped to better serve both job applicants and the recruiting supervisors. The new system also makes it much easier to select suitable candidates and make comparisons between different business areas.

Career families enable internal job rotation

Internal recruitment is an excellent way of finding people with the right skills and of offering job rotation and career opportunities at Digia. An employee bonus is available for persons whose internal recommendation leads to recruitment.

Digia's career families represent a unique channel for job rotation within Digia. Career paths may involve switching from one career level to another, switching to another business area in their current job role, or changing from one job role to another. In 2016, the HR system will be upgraded to support career paths and job rotation.

Digia Career Compass provides opportunities for young talents

Digia Career Compass is a recruitment programme for young people and recent graduates. In 2015, the programme helped Digia to recruit twenty talented young people. The programme also fostered Digia's employer image and its cooperation with educational institutions in various locations.

The objective of the programme is to offer flexible working time arrangements and employment contracts to students and recent graduates. These would include fixed-term employment, hourly work, and opportunities for students preparing their final thesis. Digia also offers career paths to young people in project management and in the Integration Academy.