Leadership and Supervisory Work

Strong Supervisory Work Improves Wellbeing at Work

Good leadership and supervisory work has been proven to have a direct impact on staff motivation and wellbeing in the workplace and, consequently, an entire organisation’s productivity and customer satisfaction. Supervisory work also plays a key role in working ability management.

Digia supervisors participate in coaching programmes, in order to improve their supervisory skills. Focus areas in 2015 included building a stronger role and skill set for supervisors in managing employment relationships, and situational leadership.

In addition, a supervisory services function was established which, together with HR, oversees the introduction of tools and processes under development in the business units.

HR systems and processes facilitate leadership and support supervisors within the daily digital environment

The HR systems were under development in 2015 and a new HR system called Sympa HR was introduced in early 2016. This system makes up-to-date employment relationship data easily available to supervisors and the employees themselves.

The Sympa HR system provides valuable information on the breakdown of personnel by job title, career path and salary. This information can be more effectively used for purposes such as recruitment. The new system gives supervisors access to real-time key HR indicators and increases personnel awareness of day-to-day management.