Human Resource Development

Customer Promise Leads the Way in Human Resources Development

Skilled and motivated personnel are the cornerstone of Digia's success. Our strategy-based customer promises – ability with passion, together, as promised – show the way for our human resources development efforts.

Digia Learning Academy focuses on competence development

The training programmes offered by Digia Learning Academy continued in 2015. The Academy offers training to personnel in support of operational and competence development. These training programmes promote expertise and knowledge sharing and a culture of doing things together. The Digia Learning Academy focuses on effective teamwork and successful projects.

The tools used in 2015 to support the culture of engagement and teamwork included facilitation, 360-degree feedback and DiSC profiling. The related training themes were linked to management, the ability to identify customer needs, and various situations involving interaction and communication.

Integration Academy promotes knowledge sharing and competence development

Digia Learning Academy organised two Integration Academies in 2015, one in the spring and the other in the autumn. Training was provided for more than twenty participants by Digia's integration specialists.

The training programme comprises an induction training package for new employees on integration services, and for Digia personnel from other sectors on the integration business and tools. The Academy also offers a channel for knowledge sharing, competence development and job rotation for seasoned Digia experts.

It also helps to ensure that Digia offers its customers cutting-edge integration in terms of competence, methods and technologies.

Digia Awards encourage staff to deliver on customer promises

At Digia, people are rewarded for good performances. The Digia Award constitutes recognition for having a positive can-do attitude, being a Digia value ambassador and delivering on customer promises in day-to-day work. In 2015, an award for excellent supervisor performance was made for the first time.

Such awards consist of varying sums of money at individual, team and project level. The candidates are nominated by the employees themselves – anyone can nominate any Digia employee for the Award.