Employee Satisfaction and Internal Communication

Meaningful Job Duties, Team Work and Supervisory Work Contribute to Job Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is monitored regularly via an annual employee satisfaction survey. The results of the survey are used to build development plans for individual employees and teams.

According to the employee survey of 2015, Digia has succeeded in offering employees meaningful job duties and new challenges within their teams and across the organisation. Employees were generally satisfied with their colleagues, immediate supervisors and the workplace atmosphere.

The survey showed that more effort should be put into communicating the strategy and goals more clearly to personnel. Other areas in need of development included processes and resourcing.

Developments in internal communication: Intranet improvements, introduction of Yammer

The availability of information and timely communication make a major contribution to employee satisfaction. Given today's information overload, it is important to focus and target messages accurately. Interaction is a growing requirement in corporate communication. In 2015, steps were taken to upgrade internal communication in order to meet such needs.

Yammer, a social media application for corporate use, was introduced at Digia at the end of the first half of 2015. In a large organisation where not everyone knows each other, Yammer facilitates cooperation, exchanges of views, or finding the right person in one of Digia's locations. Yammer provides a channel for team work and intra-company communication, but also makes it easier to reach larger audiences.

Digia's new and improved intranet was launched in October 2015. The purpose of the overhaul was to increase interaction and encourage a larger number of Digia employees to post updates of their work and leisure time activities on the intranet.

A survey on the new intranet was conducted at the year-end, with the results showing that Digia personnel appreciated the visual elements and easy-to-use user interface. Users also said that information was now easier to find.

Development of the intranet and other internal communications channels will continue in 2016.