Digitality and Our Customers' Daily Business

Digitality and Our Customers' Daily Business

Digitalisation has changed our everyday lives, at work and at leisure.

See what our customers think about digitalisation, and the effect it has had on their business and daily lives. Digia helps its customers to embrace the changes in our daily digital lives.

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Case: Yara

Digitalisation and sustainability

Farming is a data-intensive sector, and farmers must be able to put the data obtained from the fields and studies into effective use. See how digitalisation can help to solve global challenges associated with food supply and climate change.

Case: Lojer

Digitalisation and health care technology

What role does digitalisation and IoT play in health care technology companies? See what opportunities and challenges digitalisation represents to Lojer.

Case: The City of Espoo

Digitalisation and service provision in the public sector

How does digitalisation change the way municipalities work and organise their social and health care services? How does digitalisation promote citizens' freedom of speech? See how service vouchers and purchased services will affect the provision of social and health care services in the future.

Case: Emergency Response Centre Administration

Digitalisation and emergency response

The Emergency Response Centre Administration takes continuous action to develop its services with the objective of keeping Finnish emergency services at the global cutting edge. See how digitalisation helps to respond to emergencies faster.

Case: Ilmarinen

Digitalisation and more diverse customer experience

Digitalisation is an important part of the services of Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen as its customers want more diverse and multichannelled services. See how cost-efficient and flexible system integration improves customer experience.