Steering Operations

Steering Operations Adds Efficiency and Competitive Edge Across the Value Chain

Our customers want to offer products and services that deliver a better customer experience, while improving their own performance, cost-efficiency and predictability. Greater competitiveness is not always just about slicker processes; continuous readiness to adopt new operating models is also required, in business operations in general and in production, logistics and workforce management.

Steering Operations provides solutions for business operations, production and workforce management, investment and asset management, and NGO activities. Its offering includes Digia’s own software products, solutions based on third-party products, and end-to-end delivery and lifecycle services.

Efficiency gains and greater predictability

Digia's solutions help to secure operational reliability and a seamless customer experience. The aim is to achieve continuous operational and efficiency gains and greater predictability and transparency, while enabling flexible, customer-driven operating models in a multi-channel environment.

Steering Operations is Digia's largest product and service portfolio and accounts for a major portion of the company's net sales. It is also a major growth area in Digia's business strategy for domestic operations.

In addition to in-depth customer understanding, Digia's key competences include strong proprietary and third-party products, comprehensive solutions, and extensive services and service concepts.

New growth potential in service business

In 2015, the Steering Operations business was strongly focused on developing proprietary software products. This generated new customer cases and created growth potential for the future. Demand is growing strongly for integrated e-commerce, analytics and mobility solutions.

In 2015, demand for ERP systems was reasonably healthy, despite the fact that our sales cycles were prolonged by customer caution due to the general economic outlook. There were sectoral differences in demand. Demand for solutions based on financial-sector software was particularly good, and on the whole, Digia's Steering Operations business outperformed general market growth.

In 2016, the focus will be on changes in the earnings logic. We will build new service business activities and provide a wider range of commercialised, industry-specific solutions packages. We expect to see this line of business continue to outperform general market growth in 2016.