Developing Services

Competitive Edge from Service Development

Everything that can go digital is going digital. This is forcing companies and public sector organisations to invest in electronic service channels, digital services, e-services, online shopping, and productivity improvement in information work. Such self-reinvention and service development is an ongoing process.

Our service portfolio comprises services for our customers' customer relationship management, service digitalisation, customised system and service provision, and service outsourcing. This business area represents a significant part of Digia's overall offering.

Service digitalisation is Digia's strategic cornerstone

Customer companies appreciate the support of a skilled, visionary partner with a proven track record in multichannel service development, customer experience enhancement, and digitalisation. Support is expected in development project preparation, multichannel service design, service concept development, and in the implementation and continuous development of services.

To help our customers build their customer relationships, we offer service map consultation and service design, and supply CRM systems. We are also our customer's trusted partner in customer service enhancement, and in business and service process digitalisation. Service digitalisation is in fact one of the cornerstones of Digia's strategy. To digitalise services, we set specific targets and then implement various eBusiness solutions integrated with the customer's system.

We offer our customers an extensive range of service outsourcing alternatives from operating services to cloud-based solutions, from application and service management and system administrator functions to end-user support, or even entire business process outsourcing services. In addition, we deliver systems and services individually customised to cater for the needs of various sectors of industry.

Digia's proven track record and strong competences make it a reliable service provider for multiple sectors, including deliveries requiring a special security classification. Our customers appreciate our ability to provide extensive consultation, delivery and integration services, and the productised solutions behind our deliveries and services. The ability to understand the customer's daily operations and their changing business environment is essential to the creation of new services and earning logics.

New mobile and multi-channel services

In 2015, service development focused on electronic services and mobile solutions.

Digia Ote is an application that provides easy and smart mobile access to a company's core services. Digia Salpa, in turn, is a mobile communications product for encrypting speech and messaging in phones, tablets and work stations.

An important launch of national significance was the 112 Suomi application, created together with the Emergency Response Centre Administration. The application, which uses satellite geolocation to locate the caller, has been integrated with the systems of the Emergency Response Centre Administration. This enables the automatic delivery of location information to the emergency service dispatcher and ensures a faster response to emergencies. By the end of 2015, the application had been downloaded more than 250,000 times.

Another major project for Digia was the digitalisation of the electronic service voucher and outsourcing service system. By the end of 2015, nine municipalities had adopted this national operating model.

Demand for digital services expected to grow

Demand in this service sector showed positive development in 2015. In the future, digital services will represent an increasingly large proportion of the services provided by companies and public sector organisations. To tap into the related opportunities, Digia must be able to develop different service centres and new service models. In addition to service management, key priority areas will include data security and transparency.

IoT is another area in which we expect to see dramatic growth in the future.