Business Overview

Business on a Growth Track in Domestic Operations and in Qt Business

Digia's net sales rose by 10.7 per cent from the previous year to EUR 107.9 million in 2015. Operating profit before extraordinary items almost doubled and totalled EUR 8.4 million.

Digia Group, € 000  2015 2014 Change%
Net sales 107,880  97,433  10.7%
Operating profit before extraordinary items  8,402  4,461  88.3%
Operating profit  7,641 4,310 77.3%

Digia conducts its business through two segments: Domestic and Qt. The Domestic segment represented 75 per cent and Qt 25 per cent of Digia's net sales in 2015.

Domestic operations

Digia's Domestic business involves helping its customers to develop services, manage operations and utilise information. Over the years, we have systematically developed and expanded our offering.

One of the major assets in domestic business is Digia's profound knowledge and understanding of the core processes of local organisations, and of the supporting operational systems and integrations. By providing digital business services, Digia is able to assume a greater role in its customers' value chains. The service model also includes consultation, service design, development partnership and continuous services.

Digia has solid industry expertise in commercial, logistics and industrial sectors, in the public sector, and in banking and insurance.

Domestic operations in 2015

The Domestic segment's net sales grew by 5.1 per cent to EUR 81 million in 2015. Although demand was healthy in many areas, integration and analytics services and solutions based on financial-sector software in particular outperformed general market growth.

Operating profit in the domestic business increased by 2.7 per cent from the previous year, with operating profit before extraordinary items totalling EUR 6.5 million. Profitability (EBIT%) was 8 per cent.

Domestic operations, € 000 2015 2014 Change%
Net sales 80,946 77,028  5.1%
Operating profit before extraordinary items 6,479  6,311 2.7%
Operating profit 5,585 6,311 -7.2%


International business focuses on the manufacture and sale of software development tools through the Qt business.

Qt is a software developer tool that allows the creation of desktop, embedded and mobile applications independent of the operating system.

In international Qt business, development efforts focus on embedded systems in automotive, digital TV and DTV receivers, and on expanding the sales network.

Qt's strengths include large target markets, growing popularity of embedded systems, a global clientele, technological excellence, and the Qt ecosystem.

Qt segment in 2015

The Qt segment's net sales were up by 32 per cent in 2015 and amounted to EUR 27 million.

This growth in the Qt segment stemmed from good sales combined with major contracts in automotive products and DTV receivers in particular. Favourable trends in net sales were also supported by the US dollar strengthening against the euro. The impact of exchange rate fluctuations on Qt’s net sales growth amounted to a total of EUR 1.3 million during the review period. Measures taken to expand and optimise the sales and distribution network also contributed to sales growth.

Net sales growth prompted a year-on-year improvement in operating profit. Operating profit before extraordinary items totalled EUR 1.9 million. Profitability (EBIT%) was 7.1 per cent.

Qt, € 000 2015 2014 Change%
Net sales  26,934  20,406  32.0%
Operating profit before extraordinary items  1,923 -1,850  
Operating profit  1,786 -2,001  

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