Business Environment: Qt

Sharp Rise in the Number of Display Screens and User Interfaces Around Us

Intelligent devices have pervaded every walk of life, with smart features now embedded in everything from coffee makers to cars, not to mention industrial applications. Qt technology provides tools for a wide range of UI requirements, from smart phones to embedded systems.

Three key tech trends driving Qt demand and growth

1. User experience sets the value

The value of a product is no longer defined by the related hardware or materials, but the software that controls it and the user experience it provides. This trend is driven by the growing popularity of touch-screen displays and the Internet of Things (IoT). The ability to create a competitive user experience in various environments is the key, and Qt technology provides the perfect solution for this.

2. Platform-independent software and applications

There is a growing need to make applications available on all devices and in all circumstances. For this to happen, the solutions used in the maze of devices and operating systems must be efficient and user-friendly. As the number of technologies continuously grows, it is increasingly important to discover tools for managing complexity. Qt technology is the perfect solution, as it enables access to a single implementation in several environments.

3. Growing popularity of open source code

Open source code is rapidly gaining in popularity. Companies today have no desire to be confined by a single provider's technology; instead, they want an alternative with a global ecosystem and a strong future outlook. Qt technology is available with an open-source and commercial licence. This allows us to offer our customers all the benefits of open source code and the flexibility of a commercial licence.